Arrow Rock, Missouri
Fiber Arts Include:  Weaving, Spinning, Dyeing, Rug Hooking and Braiding, Knitting, Crocheting

Questions?  You can contact us by emailing:

2020 Guild
  Jan 16                                                                       
  March 20                                                                       
  May 15
  July No mtg
  Sept 18
  Nov 13* date

Meetings start at 10:00 a.m. and are normally held at 
Jeff's Studio, Blackburn, MO.  Potluck following the 
business meeting.  Visitors are always welcome!
​Annual Dues:  $25
Membership runs January thru December

Background:  The Arrow Rock Handweaver's Guild was 
formed May, 1973, by Jim and Kitty Smith.

When:  Meetings are held the third Saturday of the following 
months:  January - March - May - July - September - November.

Where:  Jeff's Studio, Blackburn, MO.  
(Exception is the September meeting place which may be held 
in an alternate location.)
President: Carol
Vice President: Chelle
Secretary: Marita
Treasurer: Phyllis
Librarian: Jeff
Webmaster: Shari
Additional Activities:
July - 10-11 Visiting Artist
August  - State Fair, 12-22
October  16  Dye Day
December ? - Christmas Party
Next Guild Meeting: Nov. 13, 2021
Program - Hacks and Garage Sale
 Mtg @ 10 a.m.  at Blackburn Civic Center. bring a lunch.
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Weaving Workshops                     

    Spring   Registration:         Crackle        Turned Polychrome Crackle                         
    Fall 2021       Registrations:   Overshot
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Dye Day Sat. Oct 16 at Blackburn Park at 10 am.
2021 Towel Exchange

MATERIAL – Cotton, whatever size and color(s) you deem appropriate for your pattern. If you want to include embellishments on your towel, use whatever materials you choose, but remember, towels that are used also have to be washed, and NO ONE likes to wash their towels by hand!

SIZE – ON LOOM – 18-20 inches wide and 27-30 inches long. The length includes the hem, but does not include fringe, should your pattern, or preference, use fringe.

STRUCTURE – Totally up to you

Pictures are the recipient of their new towel made by another Guild member.