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Arrow Rock, Missouri
Fiber Arts Include:  
Weaving, Spinning, Dyeing, Rug Hooking and Braiding, Knitting, Crocheting
Arrow Rock, Missouri

Fiber Arts Include:  

                          Weaving, Spinning, Dyeing, Rug Hooking and Braiding, Knitting, Crocheting

Arrow Rock Handweaver's Guild Library 

  W = Weaving All = S-W-D
  IW = Inkle & Band R = Resource
  S = Spinning Sw = Sewing
  D Dyeing O = Other Crafts

Category       Title                                        Author/Editor  

W      Art of Bolivan Highland Weaving Cason, M & Cahlander, A
W      Design Collection - Dishtowels Handwoven / Interweave Press
W      Finishing Touches - Finishing Details for Handwoven Articles West, Virginia M
W      Finishing Touches for the Handweaver - REVISED West, Virginia M
W      Handloom Weaving Technology Fannin, Allen A  
W      Handweaver's Pattern Directory - 4 Shaft Dixon, Anne
W      Learning to Weave Chandler, Deborah
W      Mad Weave Book - Basket Weave LePlantz, Shereen
W      Overshot Weaving Saltzman, Ellen Lewis
W      Rug Weaving Techniques Collingwood, Peter
W      Sixty Scarves for 60 Years Weavers Guild of Baltimore
W      Untie the Warping Problem Harter, Joyce
W      Warping All by Yourself Garrett, Cay
W       Weaver's Book - Step-by-Step Guide for the Beginner Tidball, Harriet
W       Weaver's Craft Simpson, L E & Weir M
W       Weaving Book - Patterns & Ideas Bress, Helene
W       Weaving Is Fun White, A V
Sw     W Handwoven, Tailormade Adlerman, S & Wertenberger, K
Sw     W Fashions From the Loom Beard, Betty J
Sw     Sewing Tips and Pattern Ideas for Handwoven Fabrics Baines, Patricia
Sw     Handwoven Designer Patterns - Outerwear Scorgie, Jean
Sw     Handwoven Designer Patterns - Simple Tops Scorgie, Jean
Sw     Handwoven Designer Patterns - Simple Skirts Scorgie, Jean
S        Handspinner's Handbook Hochberg, Bette
S        Spinning Wheels, Spinners & Spinning Fairchild Books - Publisher
R        New Munsell Student Color Set Munsell
O        Creative Leathercraft Peterson, Grete
O **** 11 Rubber stamps pertaining to Spinning & Weaving ****

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