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Arrow Rock, Missouri
Fiber Arts Include:  
Weaving, Spinning, Dyeing, Rug Hooking and Braiding, Knitting, Crocheting
Paper work for this part is found in our Dropbox.

Please fill out your questions. You don't have to answer all of them, just enough so we can get to know you and your fiber art.

Thanks!  Shari
Posted 10/29/17
Name:  Melissa Jones


            I’ve worn many hats, most recently as a portrait photographer, owning my own studio.


            Most everything I do is self-taught. I never want to stop learning. I recently attend Vau stuga class in MA.

3What you do in 100 words or less.   

            Mostly I weave, though I also spin, knit and cross stitch. I also enjoy gardening woodworking, and am restoring a 1963 Shasta camper. I enjoy cooking and am often busy with my family, which includes my husband of 35 years, our 5 children and 8 almost 9 grandchildren! Oh, and I have raised a small flock of fiber sheep.

4What art do you most identify with? 

            Fiber Art always! I’ve sewn since I was 7 and was always interested in textiles. I use to paint but haven’t done that for years. If I had to choose one fiber art, it would be weaving, hands down. I was hooked before I ever actually wove.

5How did you get started?  

            I saw a friends table loom with her project on it. I was blown away. I didn’t know that it was possible to create such a lovely cloth on a small loom. She told me about Arrow Rock Guild and the February Weave-In. Within two weeks I had purchased two looms and started teaching myself how to weave rugs. Six months later, I attended my first Weave-In and had my first actual weaving lesson. That will be seven years ago this February.

6Memorable responses to your work?  

            Mostly, people just think I’m crazy. Others say, I’m talented. I don’t see it that way. It was something I wanted to learn to do, so I did. I believe given enough time and with dedication and drive, we can learn to do almost anything!

7What do you like about you art? 

             I love the repetition, the dreaming up of ideas, seeing a plan come together like I saw in my imagination.

8Is your art a hobby, business, or _______?  

            Both. I split my time between weaving to sell, and what I call “challenge” pieces.

9Your dream project is _____________.  

            Probably a coverlet, or a fine linen table cloth.

10Who are your inspirations? 

            Jeff Reynolds is my inspiration and mentor. I’m also inspired by Swedish weavings but not any particular weave.

11Professionally, what’s your goal artistically? 

            I never really set goals. I just do what I love and let the pieces fall together. If I had to set a goal, it would be more defined studio time.

12What’s your best piece of advice for a beginning artists? 

            Take a class, learn the basics, then go off and actually weave one project after another. You’ll get better and you’ll discover your favorite kind of weaving.

13How do you share your art?  

            Facebook and Instagram mostly. Spindle and Loom on Facebook. Spindle and loom studio on Instagram.

14Why did you chose this form of art?  

            Weaving to me was a natural progression. First knitting then spinning and then weaving.

15Most favorite piece so far _____.  

            The 24 shaft towels, I finished this summer. My own draft completely.

16Least favorite piece and why?  

            The shadow weave that I wove with a tie up mistake! Ack!

17Do you use social media?  How?  

            Yes! Facebook and Instagram. I promote what I do but also belong to several Facebook groups

18What inspires you? 

            Other weavers that I see on Facebook. Being around other weavers. Books! I love collecting books.

19Favorite craft books:  

            I'm really enjoying hunting down ole Swedish weaving books.

20. What is your favorite fiber medium?

            Wool or linen