Arrow Rock, Missouri
Fiber Arts Include:  Weaving, Spinning, Dyeing, Rug Hooking and Braiding, Knitting, Crocheting

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2020 Guild
  Jan 16                                                                       
  March 20                                                                       
  May 15
  July No mtg
  Sept 18
  Nov 13* date

Meetings start at 10:00 a.m. and are normally held at 
Jeff's Studio, Blackburn, MO.  Potluck following the 
business meeting.  Visitors are always welcome!
​Annual Dues:  $25
Membership runs January thru December

Background:  The Arrow Rock Handweaver's Guild was 
formed May, 1973, by Jim and Kitty Smith.

When:  Meetings are held the third Saturday of the following 
months:  January - March - May - July - September - November.

Where:  Jeff's Studio, Blackburn, MO.  
(Exception is the September meeting place which may be held 
in an alternate location.)
President: Carol
Vice President: Chelle
Secretary: Marita
Treasurer: Phyllis
Librarian: Jeff
Webmaster: Shari
Additional Activities:
July - 10-11 Visiting Artist
August  - State Fair, 12-22
October  16  Dye Day
December ? - Christmas Party
Next Guild Meeting: Sept. 18, 2021
Program - Towel Exchange,
 Mtg @ 10 a.m.  at Blackburn Civic Center. bring a lunch.
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"Color Magic" 

 Chris discussed the use of a color wheel as a tool for spinning, dyeing and weaving. She presented an overview of how to use the information to "look into" a color. She will also present some of Joseph Alber's color theories, and how the perception of a color can change due to the colors that surround it.  

Chris Hunsburger has been spinning, weaving and dyeing for over 40 years. She has attended many classes, combining knowledge for a variety of techniques and fibers. She raises natural color Angora goats.

Note: Chris is also teaching a class at FiberU in Lebanon, Missouri specific to spinning on July 18th. There are still a few spaces left for those who wish to attend Fiber U.
Jeff's Gamp from his class "Weave a Rainbow".
Arrow Rock Visiting Artist - July 10, 19-5;
                                            July 11, 11-4